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About Larry BrowerLarry Brower is a leadership consultant, author, keynote speaker, and adjunct college instructor.  After serving as a US Army Military Intelligence officer, Larry began a 25-year corporate career.  This included HR management, and leadership development positions in three different companies.  Two of these were in the Fortune 500.  Then, Larry started the Saratoga Resource GLarry Browerroup LLC in 1998.  SRG focuses on management and leadership development, team building, and executive coaching.  Simply put, we work to help our client companies, and their managers and leaders, be the best that they can be.  Our clients represent a wide diversity of industries.  Among others, these include telecommunications and energy utilities, manufacturing, education, hospitality, government, military, and financial services.  In a nutshell, our mission is bringing large-company solutions to small and mid-size companies in a cost-effective way.  

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How Larry Brower and His Colleagues Work With You

  • First, we develop with you a competency model which represents an agreed upon “recipe” for success.  This competency model includes the competencies most critical for success as a manager or leader in your company.
  • Next, we assess your managers and leaders.  Their assessment reports show their strengths and areas of needed improvement.  As a result, we and you know exactly where to focus our time and your developmental budget.
  • Then, the participants write Individual Development Plans (with help) based on their results.
  • Based on collective needs, we provide developmental resources based on the cumulative results of the assessments.
  • Then, we provide ongoing follow-up and feedback to participants on the progress of their development plans.
  • Finally, we conduct a re-assessment to measure and celebrate your participants’ growth.  This metric also enables us to calculate your return on investment  in your leadership development.

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