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What Happens When Companies Don’t Change When They Should?

My leadership training classes often include the topic of organizational change.  This is because change in organizations of all kinds is ubiquitous these days.  All three of the companies by whom I was employed earlier in my career experienced fundamental change.  In all three cases, my team and I helped to carry out that change.  […]


You Gotta Know When to Call in the Pros

Leadership lessons are abundant; they’re everywhere.  My latest one came from my bathroom sink. It started innocently enough.  The chrome p-trap (the curvy part under the sink) had developed a leak created by corrosion after 33 years of use (the age of the house).  OK; not a problem.  I’ve changed several of those over the […]


Leaders, It’s OK When Your Best Employees Leave

This article from the Wall street Journal reminded me of a moment earlier in my career when my boss recruited away one of my best employees.  My instinctive reaction was one thing; my more studied reaction a while later was another: leaders, it’s OK when your best employees leave. Maggie was my Administrative Assistant.  She […]