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MoreMore!  Now for something completely different…

This portion of our site is devoted to more offerings that are a little bit different for us, because they are:

  • Outside our usual areas of expertise, such as our new retirement program “Beyond Money: The Emotional Side of Retirement”.  We’re really excited about this new program, which was created at the request of one of our clients.  It’s a complete (and refreshing) departure from everything else we have done since 1998. 
  • Alternative ways of working with us, such as the following:
    • Our new HR Support program tailored for organizations that are too small to have an HR function.  Have help ready and available when you need it.  The worst time to find help is when a problem has occurred, and you need help quickly.
    • Our Retained Support programs, which helps you know with more certainty what our help will cost you.  This program also offers discounted rates for service. 
  • Experimental programs that we are trying out on a pilot basis.  These will be changing often.  In particular, we have worked with several organizations over the years that are drawn toward the new, the different, the experimental.  If that describes your organization’s culture, you’ll want to talk with us if one of these catches your eye!

Please read the page devoted to each of these offerings, or contact us to discuss any of them.  We offer a confidential one-hour telephone consultation on a no-cost, no-obligation basis.



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