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Beyond Money: The EMOTIONAL Side of Retirement

Beyond Money: the EMOTIONAL Side of Retirement The Saratoga Resource Group LLC is pleased to present a new program for “baby boomers” thinking about retirement over the next few years.  There is a lot of information available on the financial side of retirement.  There is much less available on the emotional side of retirement.  This workshop will help boomers prepare themselves for this new and sometimes daunting chapter in their lives.

Thanks to the generosity of client Farm Credit of the Virginias, of Staunton, VA, for whom we designed and presented the original program, we are now able to offer this unique, interactive, and FUN seminar to all our clients, and publicly through senior service groups and organizations.

Our workshop addresses issues such as the following:

• The role that work plays in how we all identify ourselves, and how to alter our personal identity when there is no more work

• Replacing the structure and sense of purpose that work once provided

• How to re-build our daily schedule when we suddenly have all that free time

• Alternatives to stopping work altogether

• Coping with the personal change that no more (or less) work represents

• The predictable cycle of change, and how to deal with each step

• Seeking other sources for the rewards that work previously provided

• Coming to grips with the reality that we were not so important in our jobs after all. The company will go on without us.

• Restructuring our relationship with our spouse or significant other: can our relationship handle all that togetherness?

• The important role of health and fitness in retirement

You will leave knowing the following about the Emotional Side of Retirement:

• The impact on you of the change that retirement represents

• Using our Retirement Readiness Questionnaire, how ready you are emotionally for retirement

• Your new purpose and identity, now that there is no (or less) work and you have all that free time

• How you will fill those big empty weeks suddenly in front of you

• How you will turn all those retirement goals, wishes, and dreams into reality

• Your schedule for a typical week, by half-day, for your new retirement life

• The Top 10 most important things you can do for your retirement health and fitness  


Download the Retirement Program Summary here.  

Watch the “Beyond Money: The Emotional Side of Retirement” preview webinar here

Or contact us for more information about this seminar.


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