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Our ProductsOver the years we have used a number of world-class tools in our work, including 20/20 Insight Gold and ProStar Coach.  Clients in larger organizations sometimes ask if they can purchase and use our products themselves.  The answer is, “Yes, and we can help you with that”!  We can also provide the training to go along with the tools, along with ongoing support.  The publisher’s own Tech Support backs us up as well.

We Both Use and Represent Our Products in the Marketplace

We represent the publishers of these tools in the marketplace, in addition to using them ourselves in our work with our clients.  We have used a number of similar tools in our work over the years.  We know which ones are the best of their kind, and which ones are best supported by their publishers.  After all, these are the same tools we use ourselves.

20/20 is the world’s best customizable multi-rater feedback system.  It is ideal for customized 360° assessments and surveys.

ProStar Coach is an individually-based coaching system.  It is designed to help transfer learning back to the workplace by helping participants learn to display new and different behaviors. 

We invite you to read more about both our favorite tools on their respective pages, at 20/20 Insight Gold and ProStar Coach.  Then contact us to discuss how our products may help fill your leadership development or team building needs.  We can use them in our work with you, or we can help you purchase and use them yourself.  We can also provide online demos of both at your request, along with sample results reports and other literature.



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