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20/20 Insight Gold

2020 Insight Gold

Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about 20/20 Insight Gold!

We all need feedback in order to do our best work.  Yet few of us receive as much feedback as we would like (or need).  And, paradoxically, the higher we go in our organizations, the less feedback we receive.  Thus, we have seen the emergence of 360° assessment tools like 20/20 Insight Gold.

Saratoga Resource Group LLC uses a small number of carefully selected, world-class assessment tools in our work, including 20/20 Insight Gold.

After six years of product development and testing, the publisher launched 20/20 in 1993 as the first customizable 360° software package.  It won the Human Resource Executive magazine Best New HR Product award in 1994.  Then, it won International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Excellence Award for Outstanding Human Performance System in 1995.

The publisher distributes 20/20 Insight Gold around the world through a licensed network of some 75 Associates.  Each has a deep background in assessment and human capital development.  Larry Brower, President of Saratoga Resource Group LLC, is among these Associates trained and certified in 20/20 by the publisher.

The 20/20 Insight Gold Process

  • We develop a customized 360-degree assessment and results report.  We draw competencies either from the 140 contained within the 20/20 library, or from competencies you already have, or both.
  • Then, we administer the assessment online.
  • We gather and compile the feedback data, and print, publish, and interpret the results reports for participants.
  • Finally, based on these results reports, we coach each participating employee in writing an Individual Development Plan.  In it, they name the specific managerial developmental steps that they are going to take.  They select from a menu of developmental options.  Also, they set deadlines, and call out resources and help needed, to accomplish their plan.


You may use 20/20 Insight Gold in one of two ways:

  • You purchase the 20/20 Insight Gold system software from us and self-administer.  We provide training in the software as part of the purchase price.  This option best suits larger organizations who know they will use 20/20 extensively.  Essentially, you have complete control of the process, at a lower cost.
  • We design the 360° assessment process with you and administer it entirely for you.  Therefore, you need not purchase any software, We collect all of your sensitive feedback data and store it off your site.  This option is best for smaller organizations who know they will use 20/20 infrequently.  Also, they typically don’t have the staff to administer it.  Or, they wish to keep the feedback data off-site.


Organizational Surveys and 20/20 Insight Gold

In addition to 360° individual assessment, 20/20 Insight Gold can also be used for the following:

  • Organizational climate
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee opinion
  • Other survey feedback needs


Below are sample result reports showing several possible applications of the 20/20 survey capability.  We invite you to download and print or save any or all of them:


We also invite you to schedule a 20/20 Insight Gold online demo, which we do via web conference.  Please click on the Contact button below.



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