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The Association for Talent Development (ATD) said a few years that organizations waste 80% of the $6 billion spent in this country annually on training and development.  Why?  Because 80% of the time the participants don’t transfer learning back to the workplace.  In other words, the participants in the learning and development process don’t learn a thing.  Thus, nothing changes.

It is only in the workplace that participants turn learning into new and different behaviors.  If that doesn’t happen, then the organization’s return on investment in learning is zero. 

Is your organization among the 80%?  Would you like to be among the 20%?  Then read more about ProStar Coach!

Would you like to actually get benefit from your training and development by making sure that the learning gets transferred to your workplace, and is displayed in the form of new and different behaviors?

We invite you to download and print our Strong for Performance Brochure.

Then contact us to discuss how ProStar Coach might help you get more return on your investment in your employee training.




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