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Team Building

Team BuildingThere are work groups.  And then there are real teams.  They are not the same.  Most work groups call themselves a “team”, when in fact they are not.  Real teams are built, not anointed.  The difference is team building.

Our Team Building Approach

Our “Building High Performance Teams” course is adapted from the work of Patrick Lencioni, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, Jossey Bass, 2002.  In addition, we have fine-tuned our coursework over the years to reflect the kinds of real-life problems that our participants tell us they face every day on the job:

  • Trying to lead teams that are work groups, and not really teams;
  • Not understanding how to invest in team building skills;
  • Unclear expectations for teams and members;
  • No team engagement “rules of the road” on how the team members will work with each other;
  • Not continually and consistently measuring team effectiveness.

Our team building course outline includes the following:

• Definition of a team
• The five dysfunctions of many teams
• How to address each
• Building trust among team members
• Conflict management for teams
• Clarification of team principles and creating “rules of the road”
• Holding the team and each other accountable
• Establishing a team scoreboard in order to focus on results
• Capstone exercise: “Leadout”, a board game team building simulation

Teams who complete this workshop will be able to:

• Define a team
• Name the five dysfunctions of many teams, and how to address each
• Practice techniques for becoming a high performing team
• Measure team effectiveness through use of a team assessment
• Describe some of the pitfalls of being a member of a team
• Set team and team member expectations
• Identify team strengths and weaknesses
• Hold effective team meetings
• Manage team conflict effectively

Follow-up team coaching and assessment are also available after the workshop.

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