The Learning and Development DanceToday’s guest post comes from Denny Coates, Ph.D., CEO of Performance Support Systems and creator of 20/20 Insight and ProStar Coach.

Having represented PSS for more than ten years now, I’ve quoted Denny many times over the years on this point: US organizations waste about 80% of their training and development budgets.  That’s because there is little or no follow-up to help turn the learning into new and different behaviors.   As a result, nothing changes.

Denny was good enough to guest blog today on how learning the Texas Two-Step also requires a similar two-step process.


I’ve lived in Texas just outside San Antonio for almost a decade now.  One of the cool things we enjoy here is Texas country music.  Dance halls, ice houses and other venues feature live music almost every night.  The tiny town of Gruene has three or four different venues, including Gruene Hall, the oldest continuously operating honky-tonk dance hall in Texas.

And yes, couples actually get on the floor and dance while the music is playing.  But it dawned on me recently that the difficult, all-important business of improving skills and changing behavior also involves a two-step.

At the most fundamental level, for training programs to succeed employers must deploy them in two steps – “the learning and development dance,” so to speak.

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